About Us

Hey there. Welcome to the grapeleaf, our little virtual kitchen. We're Eric and Ani and we love to cook. Both of us come from traditional Armenian families where the family gathers in the kitchen. It's where you cook, yes, but it's also where you pull up a chair to do homework, and where you share stories about your day. It's where milk gets spilled and where cookies are baked and shared and enjoyed. And while we grew up learning traditional recipes, it wasn't until we tied the knot that we realized just how much we loved spending our time together in the kitchen. 

Now it's where we find each other. Our work schedules might be busy, but when we're home together, we're scouring cookbooks and searching the web for something new to try. It's weird to think that when we first got married I was feeling like I would never be a good cook, and how was I ever going to pull this off. To get over that, we started the 52 Soup Project that I blog about over at Love Well Crafted. The project is a kitchen challenge to push my/our limits in the kitchen and learn new tricks. We set out to make 52 soups, that's one per week, in 2013. We're more than half way through the year and going strong! I'm feeling much more confident in the kitchen, and we're both discovering a new love we share with each other. 

So now we're cooking up a storm and eating a lot of food, and while we get to share it all with friends and family, we want to share it with you too. Here at the grapeleaf you'll find our thoughts on cooking (together), recipes, and maybe the odd restaurant review. Whatever it is, we're opening up our kitchen to you. So pull up a chair and share with us, we're cooking and listening. 

Ani & Eric